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Cristina Ballesteros

Flordelis - A family crime

HBO Max | Wall to Wall

Junior Editor/Assistant Editor

The struggle of Flordelis dos Santos de Souza - the then-acclaimed Brazilian congresswoman, pastor, and mother of over 50 children - to prove her innocence is closely followed. When Anderson, Floredelis' husband, is brutally murdered in the garage of the family's home, the authorities think it is a robbery followed by death. But as troubling secrets begin to emerge from within the family, such as accounts of sexual abuse and brainwashing, the investigators realize they have on their hands a meticulously planned murder, one that they believe was carried out by the couple's own children and conceived by Flordelis herself.

Series Director
Executive Producer

Executive Producer

Suemay Omra

Ralph Perring

Diene Petterle
Sam Santana & Livia Serpa

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