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Cristina Ballesteros

Postcards from the Island (trailer)

Postcards from the Island is an intimate film about making life decisions and friendships.


When I come back to my home in London after a trip to Cuba,

I realise that something has changed in me and now I need to embark on a new journey of self-discovery and take charge of my life.

Directed and Written by Cristina Ballesteros 

Directed and Written by

Cristina Ballesteros 

This short film is part of Postcards, a 43' documentary produced by Mariengood Films, a women's film collective created by Andrea Tudela, Silvana Staudinger, and Cristina Ballesteros.

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Directed and Written by Cristina Ballesteros 


Written and directed by Cristina Ballesteros, ‘Birdy’ is a short drama film that explores a woman’s fascination with birds. Susannah Scott stars as ‘Birdy’ – the sole character. The film delves into Birdy’s bond with her garden birds and her childhood with her bird-loving father. The short acts as a psychological study of the character and is shot in 16mm to give the film a makeshift finish.

The 9-minute film opens with Birdy observing her beloved birds with binoculars. Her garden is a haven of self-crafted bird-feeders. Birdy breaks the fourth-wall throughout – speaking to the audience directly about her passion for bird-watching. Her intense interest reveals much about the character’s psyche – a lonely woman in desperate need for friendship/companionship or a way to connect to her late-father. Birdy has given the wild birds a name, accompanied with a narrative – revealing her unapologetic obsession. In one particular scene, whilst speaking about her fall out with Jason (a bird), she fidgets with a kitchen knife – exposing her troubling mindset.

Susannah Scott’s portrayal as Birdy is alluring and engaging from start to finish. A tense performance, albeit with a charming introduction. The brilliant use of 16mm cinematography delivers a colorful finish that viewers will find magical. Cristina Ballesteros’ experimental narrative deserves high praise. An interesting watch. Highly recommended.

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